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Felice Pedretti was born in South Africa to Italian parents. In 1977, after having attended an English school, he came to Italy where he had the privilege of meeting artist and restorer Luigi Ferrero, who aroused in him a deep interest in ancient art. «What I’m teaching you are ancient gestures and the result of centuries of experience and love for art», are his Teacher’s words that have remained impressed in his mind.


A crucial turning point was his meeting with Pietro Annigoni, Gregorio Sciltian and Giorgio de Chirico, famous artists with whom he had the good fortune to study. In that period, he learned the egg tempera and velatura techniques.


After a long apprenticeship, his inborn passion already manifested itself in his first works, brought to the public eye in various art exhibits. Initially, his love of art inspired him to create still life and reproductions of antique paintings upon request.


Many of Pedretti’s works refer to his home town. Myth and legend of the Cape of Good Hope are key features, for example, in Adamastor, and the Protea, the national flower of South Africa, appears in the representation of Mal d’Africa (Nostalgia for Africa). Furthermore, the image of Table Mountain is the background in many of his paintings.

These elements symbolize nostalgia for his birthplace.